New Year in Peru:“Cábalas” for a prosperous 2022
Are you going to spend New Year’s Eve in Peru and want to
attract prosperity to your 2022 and feel part of our culture?

We share with you 25 Peruvian rituals you can’t miss out on!

Hello, Dear reader. As you could see previously in  “Holidays in Peru”, this country has a lot of traditions and it isn’t different in New Year.  In this article we will give you a list of New Year’s peruvian traditions, rituals or “cábalas” to have a prosperous year.

The most popular cábalas


At Midnight, eat 12 grapes with each chime of the clock.

Yellow clothing

Yellow Ties

In Peru there is a tradition to wear yellow clothes and have yellow accessories.People say that this will attract prosperity and joy.  However, there are some who dress in white.

If it is not possible to get clothes of the color you want, at least try to have new clothes to attract all the good things.

Wear underwear colored according to what you want to attract: yellow: prosperity; red: love and passion; green: money and work; blue: health; white: peace and fertility.

Go around the block with a suitcase for year-round travel.

They are associated with abundance and money. Whether it’s putting a handful in your purse or pockets, or eating a spoonful at 12 o’clock, it is believed that they will make you never lack money.

Lentils Peru

Toast with your loved ones, friends or your partner with a champagne or sparkling wine, as it is believed that the foam represents the happiness you want to attract.

Blossom baths:
flowery water (it can also be holy water), petals of yellow, pink or any color flowers, cloves, cinnamon, “ruda”, honey (so that this coming year will have a touch of sweetness). This ritual can be done at home or by a shaman.

“Cábalas” for New Year from Cuzco

Cusco city Travel

As you may know, the Peruvian Sunrise office is located in Cuzco, so we want to share with you the local rites or traditions to attract all the good things this New Year.

Go around:
Before the pandemic it was common to see people walking 3 times around the Plaza de Armas at midnight.

It is said that the first hug of the New Year should be to a foreigner! How lucky!

Holy Water:
Pour holy water in the corners of the house.

Holy Water

People throws confetti and party streamer to celebrate

Light colored candles


Other peruvian “Cábalas”

Here we tell you about rituals that are not so common, but that you should do them.

The most important thing is to spend the 12 o’clock cheerful, thinking about the good things you want for this new year and with the people you love the most.

Girl Looking at the sky

Get under the table:
Doing this at midnight will assure you love!

Bay leaf:
Put a bay leaf in your wallet and pockets to attract love. In addition, the laurel is used as a protection amulet, so you can leave it for as long as you want.

Wish list:
Before New Year, make a list of all the things you would like to get in this 2022. You must be specific with what you write, so that the universe will take care of making it come true.

Wish List

Burn the negative!
Write on a piece of paper everything bad that happened to you during the year and everything you want to get rid of or don’t want to happen and burn it on the 31st.

Bills Cabals:
Another thing to do to attract money is to always spend 12 o’clock with money or bills in your pockets or wallet. If you plan to put several in your wallet, make sure they are in order from largest to smallest and all facing the same side.

Following the previous point, throw away all receipts or tickets that do not serve you, because they keep the money away. Also, you should avoid old and old clothes or things, both for your outfit and for your home.

New Year’s rituals for the house:

House Travel Ritual

Clean your house:
This is done to eliminate all the negative and “old” and give way to the good and new things that life has for you. Therefore, wash, clean and sweep your whole house so that you have to eliminate bad vibes. According to Forbes, this is also related to Feng Shui beliefs. It should be noted that you should sweep from the inside out and throw the garbage out, not leave it inside.

The light and brightness that will radiate from your house will be the same that attracts success to your life! Leave the lights on during New Year’s Eve.

Open your windows!
Also open the doors and windows to let all the prosperity come into your home.

Change of garment:
To keep love, it is said that you should change one garment that you wear with your partner to stay together for the whole year.

Sit down and stand up: You should sit down and stand up from your chair 12 times at the 12 chimes of midnight to attract marriage forever.

Change of garment:

Many Peruvians also believe that it is a good moment to spend the New Year in the car, moving or traveling somewhere new.

If you are one of those who love to travel, remember that New Year’s Eve coincides with the summer season in Peru, so you can enjoy the northern beaches as well as the beaches of Lima.


You decide the New Year’s Eve plan, we help you to have an incredible time. You just need to contact us!.

Thank you for reading!

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