Travel: The best Christmas gift

In this article we will tell you why a trip is the best Christmas gift!

Hello, Dear reader. We are getting closer and closer to the Christmas holidays and that fills us with excitement. We are sure you are too.

It’s November, Halloween celebrations are over, in Peru the “Canción Criolla”, and in many homes they have already started to put up the Christmas tree since November 1st.

Not only that, but many have already started planning their celebrations with family or close friends, couples are thinking about the best ideas on how to spend Holidays and Christmas or New Year 2022.

Even in companies, Human Resources and Marketing people are looking for Christmas gift ideas on how to reward their best collaborators on these dates.

Christmas gift

The best Christmas gift

In Peru we celebrate ” the secret friend”, which in other countries would be called “Secret Santa”. This is a game that is played in schools, companies, among friends or family and consists of a gift exchange in which it is not known who gave the gift. Many people suffer or get stressed thinking about what will be the perfect gift that will make their “secret friend” happy and able to enjoy it.

Therefore, we recommend you to plan this gift in advance.

If you have been wondering what is the best Christmas gift or what to give to look good for “Secret Santa”, continue reading.


Christmas gift for him:

It used to be believed that “it was only men who gave gifts”, but times have changed.

We are determined women and we know that the tasks belong to everyone. This shouldn’t be any different when it comes to flattering our partner or husband.

Most men don’t usually expect gifts, or they think they will get the typical gifts: socks, ties, shirts or deodorant (although it sounds funny, it’s true).

For that reason, surprise him with a trip tailored to what he likes the most. Show him that you know him well and that you can have a great time together. Decide on dates, budget, places to go, restaurants you like, or even outfits that match.

So… will you choose an adventure trip in the Amazon, see nature in the Tambopata Reserve or the Inca Trail in Machu Picchu?  Tell us about it!


Christmas gift for her:

Christmas is coming and you don’t know what to give your girlfriend or wife to surprise her.

Roses and chocolates are a thing of the past.

The best gift idea is a trip!

Think about what kind of experience she would like the most: beaches in northern Peru, adventure in the Amazon or relax with a view of the Sacred Valley.

It is not necessary that the trip be exactly on Christmas. Just give her a handmade “coupon” for a trip and you’ll see how happy she’ll be.

Imagine her planning her outfits, searching for information about the most “instagrammable” places or where she can take nice pictures. You could also let her choose the dates and destination.

With this gift, she’ll know that you’ve been thinking about her for a long time, that you really care and love her a lot. And If she’s happy, you will be too.

Have an amazing 2024 Holiday!

Chrismas Gift for her 2024

Secret Santa gift:

If in your gift exchange you got your favorite friend or co-worker and you are one of those people who like to surprise with their gifts, then a trip is what you should give!

It’s time to stop being the one who always gives perfumes, letters or clothes that don’t fit your secret friend. Besides, it’s completely acceptable for you to accompany them.

Think about it:  You’ll be the one they always want to invite to all the gatherings and celebrations!

gift exchange


Christmas gift for your family:

You may be making your New Year’s or vacation plans. So why go eat at the same restaurant or spend it in the same place when you can spend it with your family in another country?

Travel is a wonderful opportunity that can bring you closer together, allow you to get to know each other more and create good anecdotes.


Trips generate good emotions

Experiences and how you feel about them are what people remember most throughout their lives.


Besides, many times work and housework do not allow us to be with our children, parents and grandparents. Years go by, people grow up and get older.

Christmas gift for your family:

So, what are you waiting for to plan that incredible family trip to one of the 7 wonders of the world like Machu Picchu?

The moment is now!

Thank you for reading!

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