May Celebrations in Peru: Exploring Religious Festivals of the Virgin Mary and Mother’s Day

Peru is a country rich in cultural heritage and traditions, particularly in the celebration of religious festivals. May is a particularly important month for Peruvians, as it is when they celebrate both Mother’s Day and several festivals dedicated to the Virgin Mary. If you enjoy touring churches and its architecture, cultural tourism or religious tourism, May is definitely an excellent month to start visiting Peru. Keep reading!

Virgin Mary

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One of the most significant aspects of May celebrations in Peru is the honoring of the Virgin Mary, who is revered throughout the country. Several festivals related mothers and the Virgin Mary take place in May, including the celebrations of the Virgen de Chapi, Virgen de la Puerta, Virgen de Fátima and Virgen Maria Auxiliadora.

Virgen de Chapi Festival

The Virgen de Chapi is particularly important in the region of Arequipa and draws thousands of pilgrims each year. Devotees from across Peru travel to the Chapi sanctuary, located just outside of Arequipa, to pay homage to the Virgin and ask for her blessings.

During the festival, pilgrims participate in processions, mass, and other religious ceremonies, culminating in a grand procession through the streets of Arequipa.

On February 2, 1985, Pope John Paul II canonically crowned the Virgin of Chapi during his trip to the city of Arequipa.

Pilgrimage of the Virgen de la Puerta

Similarly, the Virgen de la Puerta is venerated in the town of Otuzco in the La Libertad region of Peru. According to legend, the Virgin appeared to a young shepherd boy in the 17th century, and they built a chapel in her honor. The festival in Otuzco includes processions, music, dancing, and offerings of flowers and candles at the Virgin’s chapel.

Pilgrimage of the Virgen de la Puerta

 Otuzco includes processions, music, dancing, and offerings of flowers and candles at the Virgin’s chapel. Pilgrimage of the Virgen de la Puerta

The celebration is an important event for the local community, and draws pilgrims from surrounding areas as well.

Virgen de Fátima Celebration

The Virgen de Fátima is celebrated throughout Peru, with one of the largest celebrations taking place in some cities. Every May 13th is commemorated the Day of Our Lady of Fatima, because on this date in 1917 she appeared for the first time to three little shepherds in Cova da Iria, Portugal.

In total there were 6 apparitions in which nuestra señora de Fatima visited the little shepherds: Lucia, Francisco and Jacinta. They were cousins and were with their livestock when they were caught in a storm. The three children ran for shelter from the rain and suddenly began to see a white light among the trees. When they got closer, they discovered that the woman dressed in white with a rosary in her hand was the Virgin Mary. The astonished shepherds returned to the village where they told what had happened and announced future apparitions to the neighbors. You can read the story here.

Virgin of Fatima Procession

Virgin of Fatima Procession

In the city of Huamanga, Ayacucho, the Virgen de Fatima Patron Saint Festival is celebrated and tourists can enjoy typical food, sales of handicrafts, bullfighting evenings, among other activities. The villagers also organize autochthonous regional dances. In the northern cities of Trujillo and Chiclayo, the Virgin of Fatima is considered one of the main references of spirituality. That is why the cults and prayers are held throughout the year, not only every May 13. In the case of Cusco, it is celebrated during the time of Qoylloriti and even in 1982 the image of the Virgin of Fatima was transported in the popemobile used by Pope John Paul II on his visit to Cusco. In Lima, it is also celebrated and one of the main churches is called Our Lady of Fatima, located in Miraflores.

Virgen Maria Auxiliadora

The Virgen Maria Auxiliadora is celebrated every May 24th throughout Peru, particularly in the city of Lima. This is because one of the most remembered events in the history of the Basilica of Mary Help of Christians is the one that occurred on May 24, 1940. People was celebrating the Mass of the Feast of Maria Auxiliadora, when the biggest earthquake that hit Lima in the whole XX century took place.

Basilica of Maria Auxiliadora in Lima

Basilica of Maria Auxiliadora in Lima

In spite of the fact that the temple was the most crowded place in the whole city, and the cracks in the vaults, there were no casualties or injuries among the parishioners who were at the mass. The festival includes processions, mass, and other religious ceremonies.

Mother’s Day!

In addition to the religious festivals, May is also the month for Mother’s Day. we celebrate it on the second Sunday of May. The day is typically celebrated with gifts, flowers, cards, and family gatherings. It is also common for restaurants and hotels to offer special Mother’s Day packages and menus. Reclently, the celebration has expanded to include events that raise awareness about women’s rights and social issues affecting mothers and families. Despite its modernization, the holiday remains an important tradition in Peruvian culture, and a special way to express gratitude and love for mothers.

Mother’s Day!

Overall, May is a month of great spiritual and cultural significance in Peru, with celebrations honoring both mothers and the Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus.

Travelers to Peru during this time can immerse themselves in the country’s rich religious traditions and experience the warmth and hospitality of the Peruvian people. If you are thinking what to buy for mothe’s day? or you are already looking for a mother’s day present, don’t forget that a trip is always a great gift

If you have any doubts, questions or need more information about our country, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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