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Community Based Tourism at Huilloc Village

Experience Community Based Tourism at Huilloc Village Huilloc - A social Experience and Example for the future of Travelling in Peru The important role of social tourism in Peru and for its people In the future, trip planning will be…

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Why to travel to Peru? Part 2

Why is Peru the destination you want to travel to? - Part 2   Not 100% sure if you want to travel to Peru? Don't  worry, this article is for you! Hello, dear reader! If this is the first time…

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Why travel to Peru? Part 1

Why travel to Peru? If you are still wondering if you should travel to Peru, this article is for you   If you are reading this article is because you are probably planning a trip and you are not 100%…

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Inkilltambo Hike – Hiking in Cusco

Inkilltambo Hike – Hiking in Cusco   Are you looking for a cool and uncomplicated hike near Cusco? You don't want to drive for hours to the next mountain range or you need a tranquil hike to get acclimatized before…

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You Buy, we plant – Sustainable travels

You Buy, We Plant Sustainable travels   Hello, Dear reader!. In our first article on our new blog we presented our online experiences and now we want to introduce you to a project that is particularly close to our hearts…

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Virtual Experience Tour

Online Peru Travel Experiences

Online Peru Travel Experiences A new way to travel to Peru Hello, Dear reader! The Coronavirus pandemic has changed all of our lives, and not just in the short-term. Few industries have been hit like tourism and nobody knows yet…

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