Hello, Dear reader! Peruvian Sunrise knows that your first stop in Peru will probably be in Lima and the district that you must visit is Miraflores, since it is the most known district of our capital and the most touristic as well.

 This vibrant area is not only the cultural and social hub of Lima, but also a gateway to experiencing the rich heritage and modern attractions of Peru. With its stunning coastal views, lively parks, historic sites, and bustling nightlife, Miraflores offers a perfect blend of old-world charm and contemporary flair, making it an essential stop on your Peruvian adventure.

Welcome to Miraflores! Lima’s most famous district

Miraflores highway view at sunset in lima peru | Peruvian Sunrise

History of Miraflores

Miraflores was born as a district in 1856 when the Provisional President, Ramón Castilla, considered that it was urgent to create the first municipalities. In its beginnings, it was part of the district of Magdalena. The name of Miraflores is based on the Cartuja de Miraflores and that in those years the religious orders of the time had favorite saints. 

That is how it began to be called San Miguel de Miraflores, but later it was kept as Miraflores. In fact, in the war of the Pacific a battle took place in this district, which is called Battle of Miraflores.

With the passage of time and thanks to its location in front of the sea, this became a prosperous and modern district that should be included during your visit to Lima.

Why visit Miraflores?

Miraflores initially strikes you as the perfect urban location for those who want to enjoy nature. You are welcome to stroll through the parks, take in sunsets from the boardwalk, or ride your bike while the sea breeze caresses you thanks to the district's many green areas and view of the Pacific Ocean.

Discovering Miraflores will reveal that it is one of Lima's wealthiest neighborhoods, with a distinct, international vibe. The sophisticated atmosphere of Miraflores is enhanced by the city's abundance of contemporary structures, unique retail establishments, and upscale dining establishments. Everything is available: magnificent parks, huacas, significant museums, contemporary malls like the well-known Larcomar with a sea view, historical ruins, hotels with all the amenities, and a long boardwalk with an amazing view of the Costa Verde that affects all networks.

Due to its geographical beauty, cosmopolitan life and cultural movement, Miraflores is the main gateway to the Peruvian capital and one of the most attractive routes to start getting to know the city.

The Top 10 Activities in Miraflores, Lima, Peru

Find out more about Miraflores' top attractions before traveling to Cusco and Machu Picchu! There are lots of eateries, museums, and lovely parks in Miraflores.

Here are some of the places you should go if you visit the capital of Lima:

Parque Kennedy

In the early 1900s, there was a modest church in the Central Park. In the 1940s the park was widened, remodeled and divided in two: Parque 7 de Junio and Parque Kennedy.

At present, the two parks have been united again under the name of Parque Central de Miraflores or Parque Kennedy, thanks to the Avenida de la Peruanidad that joins the parks where painters, sculptors, popular artists and vendors of artistic works can be found to exhibit and sell their works to the public.

Virgen Milagrosa Parish

Virgen Milagrosa Parish, curch in miraflores peru | Peruvian Sunrise

The Central Park of Miraflores or Parque Kennedy presents different recreational proposals for its visitors, Peruvians and foreigners.

  • Food: On the one hand, there are the “carretillas”, where you can enjoy Peruvian sandwiches such as “butifarras” and desserts such as “arroz con leche” and “mazamorra”.
  • Art: Then, there is the Paseo de los Pintores, where local artists show their work. If shopping is what you are looking for, you can’t miss the Artisans’ Rotunda.
    Dancing: In the amphitheater, on weekends, they play music for couples, usually senior citizens, to dance.
  • Architectural buildings: Annexed to the park is the Church of the Miraculous Virgin, built in 1939 and designed by Ricardo de Jaxa Malachowski. Next to it is a beautiful municipal palace, which has an art gallery called Luis Miró Quesada Garland.
  • Children’s playground: There is also an entertainment area for children.
  • Green areas: The entire park has been remodeled and is maintained to take care of the gardens and ornaments found in the park.

Costa Verde Boardwalk

The circuit of beaches known as La Costa Verde was in reality the dream of a man who made Lima stop living with its back to the sea and, instead, “conquer” it. More than half a century ago, there was no beach. The Costa Verde in this time was a cliff with a raging sea where the violent waves of the Pacific Ocean broke.

Although two presidents had the will to build a road that would connect La Punta with Chorrillos and reach the Pan-American Highway, which in fact had a first section inaugurated in 1928, it was the architect and engineer Ernesto Aramburú, the mayor of Miraflores in 1970, who managed to make this dream come true. He would not only create a road, but also beaches where the people of Lima could spend the summer. He put in breakwaters, sand and plants from a nursery he managed to forest the cliff wall and thus make Lima have a beautiful “Costa Verde” (Green Coast).

Over the years, most of the beaches on the Costa Verde have become pebble beaches. However, it continues to be a place where Peruvians and foreigners go to stroll through its parks and boardwalks, to enjoy delicious meals in the restaurants that are located in front of the sea or even to surf, as there are several schools where they teach these sports.

Costa Verde in Miraflores

costa verde in miraflores lima peru | Peruvian Sunrise

Parque del Amor

As its name suggests, this park is a small and colorful refuge for couples in love. From here you have a magnificent view of the sea.
It was inaugurated in 1993 on Valentine’s Day (February 14). It is inspired by the Park Güell of Barcelona and has in the central part a sculpture called “The Kiss” of the Peruvian sculptor Víctor Delfín. 

The walls are decorated with mosaics showing love phrases in Spanish and Quechua, as well as names of famous couples in the history of love. One of the highlights is that couples of all ages can be seen strolling in this place, even newlyweds. In addition, every February 14, couples flock to this place and a contest for the “Longest Kiss” is held among the couples attending.

Miraflores Love Park

miraflores park of love in lima peru, park with an ocean view | Peruvian Sunrise

Huaca Pucllana

The Huaca Pucllana was built in the 4th century A.D. mostly by the inhabitants of the Lima culture as a ceremonial administrative center. It is located in the middle of the modern district of Miraflores, Lima, just two kilometers from the cliffs of the Costa Verde, occupying an area of about 5 hectares, surrounded by a residential and commercial area. Due to urban growth, the archaeological zone was reduced to an area of six hectares, a little less than a third of its original extension, according to historical documents.

Since the research project began in 1981, the entire lower part of the site has been excavated, as well as approximately two-thirds of the slopes and the upper part of the main building.

Night view of Huaca Pucllana in Miraflores

Night view of Huaca Pucllana in Miraflores | Peruvian Sunrise

A large extension of these sectors is part of a signposted tourist circuit that has bridges, access ramps and conditioned paths, and whose tour, in addition, is carried out exclusively with an official guide, to reduce deterioration due to anthropic factors, a very important element to take into account since only in 2014 more than 90 thousand tourists were received.

It is worth mentioning that on February 6, 1987, Huaca Pucllana was declared an intangible archaeological zone and twelve years later, it was declared Cultural Heritage of the Nation.

In addition to the above-mentioned, this site has a museum in its facilities, where you can see objects that were found during the excavations.


All visits are guided. Visitors must arrive 15 minutes before their reservation time to pay for their vaccination card verification and biosanitary procedures. Visitors arriving after the chosen time will lose their reservation and will not be allowed to enter the museum. Groups will consist of a maximum of 20 people. 

Children and infants are part of the regular capacity and must be included in the group reservation (choose the DNI minor option for these cases). The tour is done on foot, so it is recommended to wear comfortable clothes and shoes, use sun protection products and implements, and hydrate frequently with permitted beverages (preferably transported in reusable containers).

For more information, you should click here: Huaca Pucllana Information


larcomar miraflores peru lima, shopping mall with an ocean view | Peruvian Sunrise

Larcomar is a world-class shopping mall, located on a cliff overlooking the sea, which allows a spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean and the beaches of Miraflores.

It has four floors, with more than 150 stores and 72 smaller stores. In addition, there is a theater, restaurants, discotheques, a food court, a gymnasium and entertainment areas for adults and children.

In addition, it has a privileged view of the Pacific Ocean and a strategic location that makes it one of the most visited shopping centers in the country, with an average of 500,000 visits per month.

Definitely a place you can not miss!
Visit Miraflores and its beautiful tourist sites!

We hope you enjoyed the nice stories about Miraflores. This is a district that you will visit in your stop in Lima with Peruvian Sunrise and, as you can see, there is a lot to see. If you want to learn more about the activities you can do in Lima, check the following link: Things to do in Lima

If you have any doubts, questions or need more information to make up your mind about visiting our country, contact us!

Restaurant and Bar hopping in Miraflores

If you are still on the fence about spending one or two nights in Lima, allow me to convince you: the food is delicious. Gourmets from all over the world come to Lima because of its incredible restaurants and stellar reputation in the culinary world. Being one of Lima's most well-known neighborhoods, Miraflores is home to many eateries and bars. 

Miraflores has everything, from dive bars to upscale dining establishments. Maido and Rafael, two of the top 50 restaurants in Latin America, are located in Miraflores if you're looking for the most boutique dining establishments. Aside from upscale dining establishments, some streets worth exploring are Calle de las Pizzas, Calle Berlin, and Calle Manuel Bonilla.


An excellent way to begin or end your journey. If you're looking for adventure and breathtaking views without fear of heights, paragliding in Lima is the ideal activity for you! This is an excellent activity for people who enjoy a good rush of adrenaline. Paragliders have an advantage over regular tourists because they can witness Lima's stunning colors from an entirely new angle. 

Since the coast is the windiest part of the city, paragliders are usually seen along it and do not venture too far from it. If this sounds like the perfect activity for you, the majority of providers are located close to the Larcomar mall or along the coast in Lima.

Paragliding in miraflores lima peru | Peruvian Sunrise


It is believed that surfing truly started some 2000 years ago in the northern regions of Peru. Peru has a long history of surfing, but it's also well-known for the variety of difficult waves it still offers, like Chicama, the longest left wave in the world. Peru's surfing scene is world-class, drawing tourists from all over the world. The Miraflores beach is an excellent and practical spot to catch waves all year round, regardless of your level of experience.

There are numerous beaches in Miraflores that offer surfing for all skill levels, including "Playa Makaha," a beginner's beach. Numerous qualified instructors can be found near the rocky beaches, offering lessons in addition to renting surfboards and wetsuits. Remember that the Pacific Ocean borders Peru; as such, wetsuits are advised due to the chilly water.

Surfing in miraflores peru | Peruvian Sunrise

Join a chocolate making class

Participating in a chocolate-making class is among the most delicious and enjoyable things to do in Miraflores. This is an excellent opportunity to learn about the process of making chocolate, from bean to bar, as Peru is renowned for its premium cocoa. You will be able to make your own chocolate goodies to enjoy while visiting or to take home as mementos. 

This interactive experience is great for families, couples, and single travelers alike because it's entertaining and educational.

Consult our expert advisors today to start your adventure with Peruvian Sunrise. Book your trip now and start the adventure of a lifetime.

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