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Did you give yourself a trip to Peru for Christmas and you are
looking to bring gifts from Peru to your loved ones?
Keep reading this article where we give you some ideas of presents!


Hello, Dear reader. December is coming, Christmas is close and the gift-giving season is upon us. If you have planned a trip to Peru for December or you are planning one, it is possible that when you return you’ll want to bring gifts to your family and friends.

This will let them know that you have been thinking of them even though you are far away!


That’s why we at Peruvian Sunrise want to share with you a list of gifts or souvenirs that you could take back to your country!



If the person to whom you are going to give the gift loves sweet, then you should bring him Peruvian chocolate. The International Chocolate Awards even rewarded our Peruvian chocolate

Our cocoa is recognized as one of the best and in fact the best option is to buy organic cocoa, which is of excellent quality, flavor and purity. In addition, by buying it you are also helping cocoa producers.

Peruvian chocolate

Peruvian Chocolate


This is probably one of the most remembered peruvian gifts ideas. Peruvian fabrics are very well known, in fact when you think of Peru, images of women wearing colorful skirts and sweaters come to mind.

These fabrics are quite resistant, usually fibers painted with natural dyes and are used in clothing, footwear, handbags, blankets, cushions, etc.

Peruvian Textiles / Peruvian Sunrise

Alpaca clothing:

This clothing is warm, hypoallergenic, does not itch and ,mainly, is very soft. This is because it is made from the hair obtained from the first shaving of the alpaca. You can also buy vicuña hair ponchos.

Alpaca “poncho”

Alpaca Poncho
by Sol Alpaca


In the Inca markets you can find a series of paintings with indigenous themes, beautiful landscapes, abstract art with bright colors perfect for your living room!

Peruvian painting

Peruvian Painting
by La Voz Peru 

Carved wood:

Another option to decorate your home can be the carved wood from the Peruvian jungle. In this type of art you can find the characteristic colonial balconies, horses, as well as the colorful altarpieces and figures of ancient Peruvian cultures.


Horse Peruvian
by Ilaria


If she loves ceramic objects, you can give her ceramics from the Jungle, from Catacaos and Chulucanas in Piura or from Puno. You can find all kinds of pots, vases, sculptures, vases, among others.

The ceramics of Piura are based on the ancestral techniques of the ancient cultures that existed in Peru, such as the “reserva” or negative, the “paleteado”, the burnishing with river stones, among others.

As for the decoration, this depends on the area, but they usually paint landscapes, daily activities, deities, animals.

In the case of Puno, the best known ceramic is the Torito de Pucará.

Toritos de Pucará

Torito de Pucará
by Andina

These can be seen on the roofs of the entrances of Puno houses, in pairs, which attracts prosperity and provides protection.

Last but not least, the Santuratikuy is a fair that takes place on December 24 in which handicrafts of saints or the “manuelito child” (the Cuzco version of the baby Jesus) are sold.

Niño Manuelito

Manuelito Kid Peru

Peruvian Silverware:

Peru is recognized in the world for its silverware, since we have a goldsmith culture since before the arrival of the Spaniards to our territory. Techniques such as filigree or embossing are the most used.

You can find from ornaments for the home, cutlery, to beautiful and fine jewelry. For example, you can give a silver tumi as a gift.

*The tumi was the ceremonial knife made of a single piece of metal, used by the ancient Lambayeque culture and represented their god Naylamp.

Silver Tumi charm

Tumi Peru

Musical instruments:

Do you like music or want to bring a gift for a music lover?

Then you can bring Peruvian instruments!

For people with just a little space in their suitcases, the best options are: A quena, a zampoña or some jungle maracas with seeds.

Space is not a problem: You can bring a charanguito, a Peruvian guitar, a Peruvian cajón or a “palo de lluvia”. You will love it!


Zampoña Peru

At Peruvian Sunrise we are very proud of our culture and our art. We hope we have given you some ideas of peruvian gifts that you can take with you when you return to your destination.

In Peru we have products of excellent quality, which is why many of them are recognized worldwide.

As you may notice, souvenirs differ from city to city and this allows us to offer a wide variety of products for all tastes and personalities.

If you want to spend Holidays in Peru and want us to help you plan your trip, do not hesitate to  contact us!.

Thank you for reading!

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