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Peruvian Sunrise obtained the Travelife Partner Recognition

Peruvian Sunrise obtained the Travelife Partner Recognition

Peruvian Sunrise is honored to be among the few companies in Peru to achieve the prestigious Travelife Partner recognition, which reflects our ongoing efforts towards sustainability and responsible travel practices. Keep reading to learn more about our commitment to social and environmental responsibility.


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Hello, dear reader! Its an honor for us to give you this news:

Peruvian Sunrise is proud to announce that we have received the Travelife Partner recognition, in recognition of our long-term efforts and position as a leader in sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

As you could read before, only 5 companies in Peru have achieved this recognition and we hope this will inspire more companies in the industry to follow this journey towards sustainability.

What is the Travelife Partner Recognition?

The Travelife Partner award is a recognition of our commitment towards social and environmental sustainability. We comply with more than 100 criteria related to sustainability management, office operations, working with suppliers and customer communication. We are working towards further improvements aiming to eventually reach the Travelife Certified stage.

The Travelife standard covers topics of the ISO 26000 Corporate Social Responsibility, including environment, biodiversity, human rights and labour relations; and is formally Recognised as in full compliance with the UN supported Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria.


Peruvian_Sunrise Travelife Partner Recognition

What is Travelife?

Travelife is the leading international sustainability certification for the travel sector. More than 40 national travel associations are promoting the scheme to their members, including 20 European Travel associations and The Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA). Since 2012, more than 1,500 tour operators have been trained in CSR and more than 500 tour operators have received a Travelife award.

It provides companies with realistic sustainability goals, tools, and solutions to implement positive change within their businesses and supply chains. The certification system is managed by ABTA – The Travel Association in the UK – and by ECEAT Projects, a not-for-profit organization based in The Netherlands.

Travelife is a three-stage certification program for tour operators and travel agents:(1) Travelife Engaged; (2) Travelife Partner and (3) Travelife Certified. We are at stage 2 – Travelife Partner. We are working to move forward to stage 3 – Travelife Certified.

Why is it important?

For us, this recognition is important because it means that we are committed to being a responsible player in the tourism industry and to minimizing our environmental impact. It also provides us with tools and solutions to implement positive changes in our business and supply chains, while promoting equality and respect for human and labor rights.

How was the process?

The process of obtaining Travelife Partner certification involved a rigorous review of all our processes, from office management to customer information, supplier selection and destination management. Thanks to this evaluation, we have been able to improve our processes and reduce our environmental and social footprint.


Mr. Naut Kusters, manager of Travelife for tour operators, stated:

“I am delighted to see that sustainability in the tour operator sector is obtaining momentum. The award of the front runner Peruvian Sunrise Group will inspire other companies in Peru to follow the same path”.


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