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Hello, Dear reader. In this opportunity we are proud to introduce you to the organizations we belong to.

These incredible organizations are important to our Company since they help us provide the service you deserve.

Stay tuned to this article to get more information about how we work with them to cater to our customers a reliable and excellent quality service with which we guarantee their maximum satisfaction.


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The Chamber of Commerce of Cusco is a Civil Association that seeks to consolidate the Cusco Region as a sustainable region in the long term, promoting the increase of prosperity of its inhabitants, based on services that support business capabilities and improve the environment for private enterprise.

Relationship with the organization:
The President and the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Services, Tourism and Production of Cusco have certified us as associates of this institution since 2022.



The Association of Tourism Agencies of Cusco, better known by its acronym AATC among the agents and operators of the sector, is the representative entity in the regional order of the most important travel and tourism companies in Cusco.

Relationship with the organization:
We have the pleasure of being part of the Association of Tourism Agencies of Cusco for approximately 3 years.




The Commission for the Promotion of Peru for Exports and Tourism positions Peru in the world through the promotion of its image, its tourist destinations and its export products with added value.

This contributes to the sustainable and decentralized development of the country.

Relationship with the organization:
Promperú supports us, since we are on the list of official suppliers. Therefore, we abide by their guidelines.


LLC (Certification):

Based in Prague, Certification Global Organization is a premier provider of testing, certification, and inspection services. Dedicated to maintaining the highest levels of quality and safety for products and services in a variety of industries.                                                                                                                 

Verification | PE

Relationship with the organization:
Promperú supports us, since we are on the list of official suppliers. Therefore, we abide by their guidelines.


You buy, We plant

You buy, we plant:

The "You buy, we plant" program fosters environmental stewardship by engaging local communities in reforestation efforts. Through low-cost tree planting using the Pachamama Raymi methodology, it ensures sustainable resource management and community ownership.

Relationship with the organization:
"You buy, we plant" has recognized us as we are on the list of official donors. Therefore, we adhere to their guidelines.



Our commitment to following industry norms and regulations assures that we provide trustworthy and reliable services.  As part of the organizations we belong to, with our accreditation, you can be confident that you are traveling with a respectable and legal travel agency.

Your happiness and safety are our top priority, and our accreditation reflects our commitment to providing you with the finest experience and integrity possible.

These are some of the many companies we work with.

As you can notice, all of them are recognized and have high quality standards to which we abide by, so our clients can rest assured that we care that the service provided is of the best quality.

If you are planning a trip and want more information about our hotel options and other services,  don’t hesitate to contact us!.

We will assist you as soon as possible and solve all your doubts so that you have the best travel experience.

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