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Relax & Luxury

Our 5 Types of Relax & Luxury Journeys

Our new Relax & Luxury Tours offer our travelers the best in comfort, exceptional hotels, hand- elected activities and 100% personalized service.

We created tours for every kind of traveler. All tours are flexible and our team will tailor every detail to your needs.

Our Luxury & Classics tours take you to all the highlights in Peru with a selection of beautiful accommodations, personalized tours and exceptional service.

The Wellness & Nature programs are a combination of secluded places for yoga, relaxation and wellness, and a visit to the special places of Peru.

In the Adventure & Relax category, our adventurers get their money worth and have a selection of spectacular off-the-beaten-track routes and accommodations.

For romantics and couples, we have put together special Honeymoon Escapes, which represent an unforgettable mixture of tranquility for two, breathtaking photo spots and highlights.

Finally, we have designed special packages for our family travelers. On our Family Enjoyment tours, we have created an exciting mix of activities for the whole family and selected family-friendly accommodations.

Relax & Luxury Peru Itineraries

7 – 10 Days Peru Luxury Trips

Short Explorations especially created for travelers that have few Time but want to enjoy the Country in the most Exciting and Comfortable Way. Itineraries include presticious places, Hotels for any kind of Travel-Type.

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Romantic Honeymoon Peru

11 – 15 Days Peru Luxury Trips

The Mid Luxury Trips allow Travelers to Explore the Country more in depth with more days of Relaxation or Activities. More diverse Places can be seen and Discovered with a wider variety of Highlights.

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16 – 21 Days Peru Luxury Trips

Enjoy Peru in all its Dimensions. Itineraries with longer stays, more Relaxation Time, even more Activities and the most possible amount of Places to visit. Extraordinary Programs with all Peru has to offer.

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Handselected Extraordinary Accommodations
that Enhance Well-Being

Harmonious Hotels with Wellness in Mind

Ideal Location for Reflection and Connection

Beautiful Lodges Honoring Local Traditions

Exceptional Boutique Hotels in Urban Spaces

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with us the Lands of Peru

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