Welcome to Nazca, a sun-kissed town along Peru's coastal expanse, approximately 450 kilometers south of Lima. This city, bathed in eternal sunlight, serves as the gateway to one of the world's most perplexing mysteries—the Nazca Lines.

The Nazca Lines are colossal figures of people and animals etched into the desert sands, stretching over 350 km2. Despite their grandeur, the origin of these enigmatic geoglyphs remains shrouded in mystery. According to the theories of German mathematician Maria Reiche, they may constitute the largest astronomical calendar globally, an ancient cosmic code etched into the earth.

Immersed in Nazca's cultural tapestry is the necropolis Chauchillas, a testament to the Nazca culture that thrived between 200 BC and 600 AD. Known for remarkable ceramics, intricate three-dimensional weaving, and subterranean galleries, the Nazca people left an indelible mark on the Peruvian landscape.

Beyond cultural marvels, Nazca boasts the towering White Mountain, Cerro Blanco, standing at 2080 meters—the highest sand dune globally. This natural wonder becomes a playground for sandboarding enthusiasts and offers thrilling buggy tours, adding an adventurous flair to the historical riches of Nazca. Explore the mysteries, the history, and the exhilarating terrain that Nazca unveils to curious travelers.

Due to the many climatic zones, Peru is a unique country and is therefore not only one of the countries with the most extensive biodiversity but also one of the historically most interesting places on earth. On this trip we take you through the entire diversity of the country and start
Peru is an ancient place with many mysteries that we still do not fully grasp. This private tour and certified guides will explain what they know, but theories vary. It is always a lot of fun to come to your own conclusions about how and why the Nazca lines were built, possibly for