Ica is the heart of the most famous wine-growing region of Peru. Located 305 kilometers south of Lima, the dry climate of the region offers perfect conditions for viticulture. In addition to sweet wines the national drink Pisco is produced in numerous bodegas.

The sunny city hosts old colonial-style mansions and churches. In the outskirts of the town is the oasis Huacachina, one of Peru’s most popular tourist destinations.

The oasis is surrounded by a huge deserted landscape that consists of thousands, in some cases more than 100 meters high dunes. The dunes can be explored on foot or by sand buggies. It is well worth to decent the dunes on a snowboard or to take a paragliding flight to observe the dune landscape from above.

Wine lovers should not miss a trip to the region’s most important Bodegas, wine and Pisco tasting included. Culture buffs can enjoy a collection of ceramics, textiles, skulls, shrunken heads and mummies of the Nazca and Paracas culture in the Regional Museum.

Due to the many climatic zones, Peru is a unique country and is therefore not only one of the countries with the most extensive biodiversity but also one of the historically most interesting places on earth. On this trip we take you through the entire diversity of the country and start
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Peru is an ancient place with many mysteries that we still do not fully grasp. This private tour and certified guides will explain what they know, but theories vary. It is always a lot of fun to come to your own conclusions about how and why the Nazca lines were built, possibly for
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