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Chiclayo, the so called “Friendly” is located in northern Peru and was founded in the 16th century by the Spaniards. Chiclayo is the fourth largest city in Peru. It is well known for colonial architecture, natural remedies and delicious fish and seafood. The warm and sunny city is surrounded by Peru’s coast and impressive mountains. Beautiful beaches and spectacular waves make Chiclayo coast perfect for surfers and bathing lovers.

In the fertile valleys near the city, rice, sugar cane and cotton are grown. Here, you also find some highly interesting archeological sites and ruins of the Moche culture. The Moche culture was developed between the first and eighth century and left behind mysterious pyramids, splendid king tombs and large administrative centers.

The national museum Sican, the pyramids town Tucume and the tombs of the Lord of Sican are the most famous sites around Chiclayo. Also, a visit to Mercado Modelo, where you can find traditional clothing, various natural medicines and herbal remedies is worthwhile.

Elevation: 27m (90 ft)
Population: 552.508 inhabitants
Climate: Dry and hot all year round
Best Time to Visit: October – May

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