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Things to do in Cuzco

Things to do in Cuzco


Do you have plans go to Machu Picchu

and you want more ideas of things to do in Cuzco?

Then this article is for you!


We share with you a list of places to visit and activities you can do in the capital of the ancient Inca Empire:

from art galleries to extreme sports.

Read on!




Hello, Dear reader. We know that Machu Picchu is the most recognized tourist attraction of Cuzco and Peru, because it’s one of the New 7 Wonders of the World.

However, this picturesque city has much more to offer than that.

Here you can enjoy wonderful and magical landscapes, learn about our culture, flora and fauna in interesting museums, zoos and natural parks, visit beautiful churches with a combination of European and Andean styles and even do adventure and extreme sports.

We have divided these places according to the type of experience to make it easier for you to find what suits your lifestyle and travel style…Take notes!



Inka Museum

Source: Marta Braunn

Inka Museum

Address: Cuesta del Almirante 103

Phone: (84)224051

Hours: mon-thu 8am to 6pm and fri-sat 9:30 to 4pm



Museum of Contemporary Art

Address: Calle Espinar 270

Hours:mon-sat 9am to 4pm



Regional Historical Museum

Address: C. Garcilaso, Cusco

Phone: (084) 582830

Hours: tue- sun 8am to 5pm




Qorikancha Site Museum

Address: Plazoleta de Santo Domingo S/N, Cusco

Phone: +51 (084) 249176 anexo 211

Hours: mon-sun 9am to 6pm




Museum, tasting and chocolate workshops

Address: Plaza Regocijo 216

Phone: (+51) 084 606 586

Hours: Mon- sun 9am- 7:30 pm





Source: @cometoperu

Qenqo Eucalyptus Forest

It is one of the most important archaeological attractions of Cuzco. It is said that you can feel the magical atmosphere in this forest, plus you can appreciate a beautiful landscape in which many people often make photoshoots.

Address: Qenqo, 15 minutes from downtown Cuzco

Hours: mon-sun 9am to 5:45pm


Mandor Gardens


Mandor Gardens

Address: Sector Mandor, Aguas Calientes

Hours: mon-sun 7am to 6pm


Huasao Wetland

wild birds, reptiles, insects and fish… 4 ranger sculptures straight out of a movie! A 3 meters high Groot, Baby Groot and Ents from the Lord of the Rings.

Address: Huasao locality, Oropesa district, Quispicanchi province

Hours: mon- sun 9am-4:30pm

Adventure Sports

If you are an adventure sports lover or love to feel the adrenaline rush, in Cuzco you can experience everything from ATVs to bungee jumping. Don’t forget that safety is important; therefore, always use all the necessary protection. In extreme sports where children are allowed, they must be supervised by their parents or guardians.


You can go to the Salar de Maras on ATVs.



This sport is done in Cachimayo, just 20 minutes from the city by cab or bus, among the rocky hills of Catedralniyok.

Skybike in Cusco

Source:Skybike Cusco Facebook


Horseback riding

Go horseback riding to the Vinicunca Mountain or 7 colored mountain



Rafting is done in the waters of the Urubamba River and presents various levels of difficulty depending on the place where it is done and the time of year.


Via Ferrata

Mountain climbing over places of difficult access. You must be older than 7 years old. Harness, helmet, gloves and a safety cable made of steel are used. The climb takes three to four hours.


Mountain biking

There are 3 routes: Downhill cycling through the pass of Málaga, Maras and Moray or the Cuzco ruins.

  • The first route consists of 20km from the Cordillera La Veronica to Ollantaytambo.
  • The second is 30km and goes from Chinchero to the salt mines of Maras and the terraces of Moray.
  • The third is a 5-hour circuit that allows you to visit Sacsayhuaman, Puca Pucara, Q’enqo, among others.


You can do this activity in Huaypo Lagoon

Bungee Jumping


Bungee Jumping

The district of Poroy, 25 minutes from the historic center of Cusco, is the chosen place. It is about jumping into an abyss of 125 meters high. Cusco’s bungee jumping is the highest in Latin America.


Zip Line

700 meters in the village of Racchi, 50 minutes from the city of Cusco.


Hot air balloon ride

Hot Air Balloon in Sacred Valley, Cuzco

Source: Cuzcoeats

Good weather is necessary, without much wind. From above, you will witness the scenic beauty of the Sacred Valley.


Beautiful views:

Palccoyo: The new mountain of 7 colors in Cuzco

Source: @simpalao


The other mountain of 7 colors. very simple route of 2 km to the south. With little effort and in just one hour, you will have dream views!
Address: 124 km southeast of Cusco
Hours: mon-sun 8am-3pm from april to october


L’atelier Café Concept

Cafe with a beautiful view of the San Blas neighborhood
Address: Atoqsaykuchi 605, San Blas
Phone: (084) 248333
Hours:tue- sun 8am to 7pm



A bar with an awesome view of Cuzco

Address: Calle Pasñapakana, Cusco, Peru
Phone: (084) 431282
Hours: mon- sun 9am to 10:30

White Christ of Cuzco

Source: @jilleganinteriors

White Christ

An 8-meter statue that guards the city, it is located on Pukamoqo Hill, which is said to contain earth from all the countries that were part of the Tawantinsuyo.
Address: Pukamoqo Hill
Hours: Opened 24/7

San Blas neighborhood

Artisan neighborhood with white houses and light blue details, art galleries, a beautiful Plazoleta, a temple and a viewpoint. Privileged view of the city of Cuzco
Address: Neighborhood with the same name
Hours: Opened 24/7

San Blas, Cuzco

Source: @enigmaperu

Great Historical Mural of Cusco

14-meter mural on the history of Cuzco.
Address: Av. El Sol, Cusco
Hours: Opened 24/7

Loreto Street

This is a long and narrow cobblestone Inca road in Cuzco that leads to the east side of the Plaza de Armas.

Hot Springs:

Cocalmayo Santa Teresa:

Cocalmayo hot springs

Source: @cometoperu


There are four pools, whose turquoise waters, stand out amidst the vegetation and mountains. Although the journey takes about 7 hours in total, starting from the center of the city. Spa treatments and panoramic views
Address: Calle Union b6, Santa Teresa
Phone: 984 574 125
Hours: mon- sun 5am- 11pm


Tipon Zoo


Tipon Andean World Zoo

Address: Choquepata S/N
Phone: 984 132 586
Hours:mon- sun 8am – 5pm


Cochahuasi Animal Sanctuary

Address: km 22 via Cusco, Pisaq
Phone: + 51984600380
Hours: mon- sun 8am- 5pm


Art Galleries:

Cusco Paintbar:



Painting workshops, picnic
Address: Calle Plateros 325, Cusco
Phone: 992 726 669
Hours: By reservation

Sacro Art- Colonial Painting Cusco

Address: Covituc C-2, San Sebastián
Phone: +51 993 092 726
Hours: Mon to Sat – 9AM to 12PM Sundays – 10AM to 6PM

Xapiri Ground:

Address: Plazoleta de San Blas, 630
Phone: +51 (084) 234 816
Hours:Mon- Sat 9am – 8pm


View of an amazing Church in Cuzco

Source: @alexanderjoch

Cuzco Cathedral

Address: Plaza de Armas s/n
Hours:mon- sun 6am to 8pm

San Sebastian Church

Cultural Heritage of the Nation of Peru
Address: Diego De Almagro 110, Cusco


Temple of the Holy Family

It´s real name is “Church of Jesus, Mary and Joseph”

Address: North side of the Cathedral in the Plaza de Armas
Hours: mon- sun 10am- 6pm


Iglesia de la Compañía de Jesús

Baroque style church built by the Jesuits on the site of the former palace of the Inca Huayna Capac.
Address: Plaza de Armas Cusco S/N
Hours: mon- sun 9am- 11:45pm and 1pm-5:45pm

San Pedro Church

Address: Cascaparo, Cusco
Hours: Free during mass hours 6am- 10am

Convent of Santa Catalina-Acllawasi

A convent of cloistered nuns located in the city of Cuzco. It was built over the Acllawasi (Temple of the Virgins, it was the Inca place where the acllas lived in perpetuity and were offered as eternal wives of the god Inti – the sun).
Address: calle Santa Catalina Angosta s/n
Hours: mon- sat 8:30 am-5:30 pm, sun 2pm- 5pm



Pisac Market

Source: @omgitotallyheart

Real Plaza Cuzco

Shopping Center

Address: Av. Collasuyo Nro. 2964. Cusco.
Hours: mon- sun 7am to 10pm<

Pisac Market

Market where you can find everything from fine handicrafts (textiles, ceramics, wood, leather, stone, etc.) to clothing, fruits and vegetables, etc.
Address: Pisac Church Square
Hours: mon- sun 9am to 5pm


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