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Holidays in Peru

Holidays in Peru

Holidays in Peru


Do you like to travel during the Christmas and New Year?

We tell you why to spend this Holidays in Peru!


Hello, Dear reader. Inspired by the article of the international magazine Condé Nast that says that our country is one of the 25 places to spend Christmas, we decided to tell you more about the reasons why our country is an excellent choice for spending these days.


It is undeniable that Peru is known for its food and it is that here you can eat delicious food everywhere. Our seasoning is very well-known and it’s impressive the variety we have to offer to the world. This isn’t different during the holidays, since food is obviously one of the most important parts of Peruvian Christmas.

Peruvian Turkey

peruvian turkey

Source: @carlawongphotofoodie

Among the variety of dishes that are tasted at Christmas we find the turkey: This is usually the center of the Peruvian tables, although it may vary according customs and cities.

Next, we find the classic panettone. This may sound strange, but Peruvians are the largest consumers of panettone in the world, we even surpass Italy. Panettone is a must. In fact, there are personal versions for you to enjoy anywhere.

Traditional panettone


Source: Tanta


In this picture you can see this sweet bread, which comes with raisins and candied fruits.

Recently, there are variants with chocolate flavor, chocochips, fudge or vegan versions.

On the other hand, we eat Christmas rice, which is called arroz árabe; Christmas salad, tamale, apple or sweet potato puree


Peruvian Christmas dish

peruvian Christmas dish

Source: @carlawongphotofoodie

While the above are the basics of any table, it should be noted that the city in which one is greatly influences what you eat.


For example, in Cuzco on New Year’s Eve they eat suckling pig and chicken or hen broth is a classic, as well as guinea pig, since the climate is cold. So, if you are one of those who love to spend the holidays warm, drinking hot chocolate, now you know where to go.

In Lima, on the other hand, the weather is usually warmer, so it is common to eat ice cream as well, plus salads are cooler, as for a summer climate.

Hot chocolate

Christmas hot chocolateSource: @carlawongphotofoodie


According to several blogs specialized in gastronomy, these are the typical dishes that are eaten during holidays in Peru according to the region:


  • Coast:

Rice with duck, “sopa seca” (dry soup), pork in cylinder and purple corn panettone.


  • Highlands:

Suckling pig pachamanca or roasted suckling pig, potato salad, chocolate with seven seeds, quinua panettone and chicha de jora.


  • Jungle:

Juane, jungle fruit salad, tacacho, baked chicken and cocona panettone with raisins and camu camu.




Holidays in Cuzco, Peru- Santurantikuy

Source: iperu


Peruvians love to celebrate. So, if you are looking for where to vacation in Peru in December, you have many options.

If your holiday destination is Cuzco, you can go to the famous Christmas fair called “Santurantikuy” on December 24th. This Christmas fair has been celebrated in Cusco since the 16th century. The name “Santurantikuy” means “sale of Saints”. You will find the best handicrafts of the region! If you love picturesque and colorful places, or you are an art lover, don’t miss the opportunity to go.


Christmas in Centro de Lima

Holidays in Centro de Lima, Peru

Source: Municipalidad Metropolitana de Lima


If you are on the coast, for example in Lima, you can visit the tourist areas, such as Barranco, Miraflores and Centro de Lima. You will see the streets full of Christmas spirit: Decoration with lights, Santa Clauses, people buying lots of presents for the kids. Feel the Holidays everywhere in Peru! And in the New Year, cheerful people, buying party supplies or getting ready to celebrate with friends, family or to go to the beach.

Christmas in San Borja district, Lima

Holidays in San Borja, Peru

Source: Municipalidad de San Borja


People in Chincha (Ica) celebrate the “Black Christmas” with singing, clapping, dancing and musical instruments such as the “quijada de burro” and the Peruvian cajon.

In the jungle, inhabitants decorate nativity scenes with animals from the region, as well as the use of banana leaves and other jungle fruits. Children play an important role in these dates and it is tradition that they dress up as “pastorcitos” (little shepherds).

Also, as Peru is a religious country, you will find masses to attend, such as the Gallo mass in the Cathedral of Cuzco.

In this city, they celebrate the child Manuelito, the Cuzco version of Jesus.


Niño Manuelito

niño manuelito

Source: La República

Social Responsibility:

While Peru is a beautiful destination, it is also a country where poverty still exists.

Therefore, if you are interested in social responsibility or you love to do good deeds, even more during these important dates, there are many communities where you can go and provide help of all kinds.

Many times we do not have anyone to spend the holidays with, because our family is far away and other reasons.

If you are one of those who prefer to spend Christmas doing social work, or doing some kind of volunteering, Peru is also a great option.

Christmas Campaign

Social Responsibility during Holidays in Peru



You will feel wonderful to see the smiles and happiness you generate. Christmas is a time to share.

As you can see, Peru has a variety of customs according to the region where you are. In addition, there are many options to do during these dates.

If you are considering traveling to Peru, December is a fantastic option, since you will be surrounded by the warmth and joy of its people, our delicious dishes and beautiful landscapes.


Do you need help planning your Holidays in Peru? Don’t hesitate to contact us!.

We will assist you as soon as possible and solve all your doubts so that you have the best travel experience.


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