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Basic tips to start planning your trip to Peru

Basic tips to start planning your trip to Peru

Want to travel to Peru and don’t know where to start? Read the following article and discover the basic tips to start planning your dream trip.


Hello, dear reader! We know that during the pandemic you have had to be in quarantine, at home for long hours and that what you want most now is to relax from the stress of home or telework and escape from the routine. A trip is what you need and want. However, you may think that planning a trip is difficult and time consuming.

This is where Peruvian Sunrise comes in: to take a load off your mind, to help you plan that wonderful trip you’ve been longing for, to accompany you and help you through the whole process, from planning the trip, to when you arrive at your destination and even when you return home refreshed!

That’s why at Peruvian Sunrise we bring you these tips so that when you contact our travel agent, you know what you really expect from your dream trip, what things are a must and so that your trip meets 100% of your expectations.

Let’s get started!

Amazonas River

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  • Do you have a destination in mind? A city or a place that you want to visit anyway?

Maybe you not only want to visit Peru, but you also want to spend a few days in Bolivia or Ecuador as well. If this is a big desire, it is something you should discuss with the travel agent, so that he/she can take it into account when proposing the tour.
Likewise, the cities you want to visit: Peru is not only a destination for the wonder of Machu Picchu. Perhaps through a fair, a book, a movie or a friend you learned about the existence of an oasis in South America (La Huacachina), the living Inca town (Ollantaytambo), the Amazon river and jungle or the highest navigable lake in the world (Titicaca).


  • Then think about what kind of trip you like:

Define the style of trip you want: A cultural one where you learn a lot and come back with knowledge about our customs, typical dances, etc. A trip to relax and charge yourself with the energy of the Sacred Valley of the Incas? An adventurous one, where we do full sports like zip-lining, rafting, where we meet exotic animals… Or maybe a trip with luxury and comfort hotels, where we can taste Peruvian food in a gourmet way?
Also, you should think about whether you would like to have a private guide to provide the service only to you or if, on the contrary, you are looking to meet more people and would like to share the tour with other people and form a group.

  • Huancaina spaghetti with lomo saltado

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    What would you like to do on your trip?

At this point we should think about what we want to do and what we don’t want to do as well. For example: Take a lot of pictures, get to know new mysterious places, learn a little bit of the language, relax on the beaches; have a lot of free time in one place or visit many cities for a short time, etc.


  • Do you want to do any special activity?

Is there any sport you plan to do in Peru? The options are wide: trekking, horseback riding, climbing, etc.
Do you want to do some shopping to take souvenirs of your trip for your loved ones? In the markets of the city you choose to go to you can find all kinds of souvenirs: From the coast you can bring pisco, ceramics; from the jungle, chocolate, handicrafts; from the highlands, art, textiles and many other things more.
In this article we tell you a little about Peruvian souvenirs: Peruvian Gift Ideas 

  • Trekking in Peruvian nature

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  • What date do you have planned and how long will you stay in the country?

Do you have a particular month in mind when you want to visit the country for any reason such as birthday, honeymoon, family trip, business meeting or vacation?
Do you have a maximum length of stay, a specific vacation period?
On the other hand, maybe you would like to have a guide for your tours, but then you would like to have some free time to go on your own? Share all these issues with your guide

Machu Picchu 


  • How many people will accompany you on your trip?

For this point you should define if you want to travel alone, with your partner, with family and children or friends. You can also think of additional activities to do with each of them. This is important, since the schedules may vary if you are traveling alone or with children, since many times getting up early to start the tours is not a good idea. Or in the case of a gastronomic tour… Is someone in your family or your partner vegetarian or intolerant to any ingredient? The activities will also vary if it is for example a trip between friends or if it is a trip with parents, who may want to rest at the hotel while you do an adventure sport.


  • Do you have an established budget?

We will leave this for the end, but it is an important topic, as it will help to delimit the amount that you plan to invest in your trip and so you can discuss it with the person designing your trip, in order to adjust and create an ideal itinerary with which you feel 100% satisfied.

At this point we must emphasize that Peru is a very economical country, where you can eat delicious food at a very reasonable price. You are in luck!


  • La Rosa Náutica Restaurant

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In addition, other points that you should consult with the travel agent are the following:
Do I need a visa?

  • Any travel insurance?
  • What transfers are included in my tour?
  • What hotels do you have to offer?
  • How long do you recommend me to stay if I want to visit …..?
  • I suffer from a chronic illness… Can I do certain activities?

Thank you very much for reading! We have reached the end of this article!

We hope we have helped you get everything ready to plan your trip with our agent. We are sure that your experience in Peru will be fantastic and you will even want to come back!


If you have any additional questions, do not hesitate to contact us through the contact forms or our social networks.

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