Puerto Maldonado is the capital of the province Madre de Dios, which has the largest proportion of virgin forests throughout the Amazon region. “The capital of biodiversity” is located in southeast Peru at the confluence of the Tambopata River into Madre de Dios River. The whole region is dedicated to ecotourism. In the depth of the jungle, indigenous tribes live close in touch with nature and the almost endless wealth of plants and animals that surrounds them. Especially recommended are multi-day trips to the nearby Tambopata National Park.

On excursions and boat trips across the Madre de Dios you will have the opportunity to discover the flora and fauna of the Amazon as well as getting to know indigenous people. The Manu National Park is located close by. In 1977 the largest National Park of Peru was recognized as a UNESCO biosphere reserve and in 1987 it was named an UNESCO World Heritage Site. In Manu different ecological zones are protected. The Park ranges from an altitude of 144 meters above sea level to 4200 meters. Puerto Maldonado can be reached from Cusco both by bus and plane; from Lima only by airplane.

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