Huaraz the gateway to Peru's Alpine paradise

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Located 450 kilometers north of Lima, Huaraz is Ancash's attractive capital, garnering the nickname "Peruvian Switzerland." Perched at an elevation of 3050 meters above sea level, Huaraz is the ideal starting place for thrilling expeditions into the amazing mountain ranges of the Black and White Cordillera.

Huaraz, which emerged in the aftermath of a major earthquake in 1970, has a modern cityscape that pales in comparison to the breathtaking natural treasures that surround it. The region unfolds as a haven for hikers, climbers, and environment enthusiasts, with 650 glaciers, 250 lakes, 40 rivers, and 26 peaks soaring above 6,000 meters.

The Cordilleras Blancas, part of the Huascaran Nature Reserve, are considered to be America's tallest mountain chain, with the majestic Nevado de Huascaran, Peru's highest peak at 6768 meters, dominating the skyline.

Besides from the numerous hiking trails inside the mountain range, Huaraz offers exploration of bright lagoons, revitalizing hot springs, and the historic landmark Chavin de Huantar. For those looking to trek the paramount mountain, Huaraz treks are the best as there are a lot of options, making it the perfect starting point. Easily accessible by bus from Lima or North Peru, Huaraz invites travelers to immerse themselves in the stunning beauty of the Andean mountains.

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