Nestled 450 kilometers north of Lima, Huaraz stands as the captivating capital of the Ancash region, earning its moniker as the "Peruvian Switzerland." Perched at an elevation of 3050 meters above sea level, Huaraz serves as the embarkation point for exhilarating excursions into the majestic mountain ranges of the Black and White Cordilleras.

Having risen from the aftermath of a significant earthquake in 1970, Huaraz boasts a modern cityscape that pales in comparison to the awe-inspiring natural wonders that surround it. The region unfolds as a paradise for hikers, climbers, and nature enthusiasts, offering a tapestry of 650 glaciers, 250 lakes, 40 rivers, and 26 peaks soaring above 6,000 meters.

The Cordilleras Blancas, an integral part of the Huascaran Nature Reserve, stand as the highest mountain chain in America. Amidst this majestic landscape, the Nevado de Huascaran, Peru's loftiest peak at 6768 meters, commands attention.

In addition to the myriad hikes within the mountain chain, Huaraz invites exploration of vibrant lagoons, effervescent springs, and the historic monument Chavin de Huantar. Accessible by bus from Lima or North Peru, Huaraz beckons adventurers to immerse themselves in the breathtaking grandeur of the Andean highlands.