Nestled in northern Peru, Chiclayo, aptly dubbed the "Friendly City," bears the legacy of Spanish colonization dating back to the 16th century. As the country's fourth-largest city, Chiclayo is a captivating blend of colonial architecture, natural remedies, and a culinary haven renowned for its delectable fish and seafood.

Bathed in warm and sunny weather, Chiclayo enjoys a prime location, embraced by Peru's coastline and cradled by majestic mountains. Its coastal stretch, adorned with beautiful beaches and awe-inspiring waves, beckons surfers and beach enthusiasts alike.

In the fertile valleys surrounding the city, an abundance of rice, sugar cane, and cotton thrives. Amidst this agricultural richness lie intriguing archaeological sites and remnants of the Moche culture, which flourished between the first and eighth centuries. Mysterious pyramids, regal tombs, and expansive administrative centers stand as silent witnesses to the grandeur of the Moche civilization.

Chiclayo's crown jewels include the National Museum Sican, the pyramid-laden town of Tucume, and the tombs of the Lord of Sican. A stroll through Mercado Modelo unveils a vibrant tapestry of traditional clothing, diverse natural medicines, and herbal remedies—an experience well worth the visit in this friendly and culturally rich city.

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