Peru in the World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2024

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Maido on the World's 50 Best Restaurants list | Peruvian Sunrise

Peru: Culinary Victory in 2024

Every year, The World's 50 Best Restaurants list recognizes the best dining establishments around the world. This prestigious list was unveiled in early June 2024 at a spectacular ceremony in Las Vegas, attended by the world's top chefs, restaurant owners, and hospitality icons. Peru has once again taken the spotlight this year, with three of its restaurants making the list of the world's best.

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Top Peruvian Restaurants on The World's 50 Best Restaurants list.

Maido, Kjolle, and Mayta are three exceptional Lima restaurants that showcase Peru's culinary scene. These restaurants offer immersive culinary experiences that highlight Peruvian cuisine's richness and diversity.


Maido on the World's 50 Best Restaurants list | Peruvian Sunrise

Maido, ranked fifth in the world and best in South America, is known for its unique fusion of Japanese and Peruvian flavors. Chef Mitsuharu Tsumura, also known as "Micha," combines the culinary traditions of both cultures to create unique and unforgettable dishes. This restaurant is a must-see for anyone looking to experience the cutting edge of Peruvian cuisine.

San Martín 399, Miraflores, Lima, Peru (+51 (01) 313-5100)
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Kjolle on the World's 50 Best Restaurants list | Peruvian Sunrise

Led by Chef Pía León, Kjolle has risen to 16th place on the list. Kjolle is known for its vibrant and colorful dishes, which highlight the variety of Peruvian ingredients as well as the culinary team's creativity. The restaurant's menu takes guests on a journey through Peru's diverse landscapes and flavors.

Av. Pedro de Osma 301, Barranco,15063 Lima, Peru (+51 1 242 8575)
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Mayta has achieved an impressive 41st place under Chef Jaime Pesaque's direction. The restaurant is well-known for its innovative take on traditional Peruvian cuisine, which features a modern twist on classic dishes. Mayta represents the evolution and sophistication of Peru's culinary heritage.

Mariscal La Mar Avenue 1285, Miraflores, Lima, Peru, 15074 (+51 937 220 734)
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Exploring Peruvian cuisine.

Peru's gastronomic excellence reflects its rich cultural history and diverse geography. From the coast to the Andes mountains and the Amazon jungle, each region contributes distinct ingredients and traditional dishes to the country's culinary tapestry.

Coastal Delights: Ceviche.

Peru's coastal region is famous for its fresh seafood, particularly ceviche. This refreshing mix of raw fish marinated in citrus juices, served with red onions, coriander, and chili peppers, is a must-try. Every bite combines the bounty of the ocean with the culinary ingenuity of the Peruvian people.

Andean flavors include Lomo Saltado and Cuy.

Lomo Saltado and Cuy are Andean cuisine staples. Lomo Saltado, a stir-fry of marinated beef, onions, tomatoes, and spices, combines Peruvian and Asian flavors. Cuy, or guinea pig, is a traditional dish that is frequently enjoyed on special occasions. Its preparation and flavors reflect Peru's indigenous heritage.

Amazonian Specialties: Exotic Fruits and Chifa.

The Amazon jungle provides a plethora of exotic fruits and ingredients essential to Peruvian cuisine. Furthermore, the influence of Chinese immigrants has resulted in Chifa, a popular fusion of Chinese and Peruvian culinary traditions. This distinct blend can be enjoyed in a variety of dishes across the country.

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Peruvian food World's 50 Best Restaurants list | Peruvian Sunrise

A Culinary Journey awaits.

At Peruvian Sunrise, we believe that experiencing Peruvian cuisine is an essential component of any travel adventure. On our Peru tours, you can take a culinary journey through the country's best restaurants and local establishments. From Lima's bustling streets to Cusco's serene landscapes, each stop provides an opportunity to savor the flavors and stories behind Peru's world-renowned cuisine.

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