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Huaraz is located 450 kilometers north of Lima and is the capital of the Ancash region. Also known as The “Peruvian Switzerland” lies 3050 meters above sea level and is the starting point for numerous excursions to the mountain chains of the Black and White Cordilleras.

The “mountaineer capital of Peru” had to be rebuilt from scratch after a major earthquake in 1970. Today Huaraz is known for its modern cityscape. However, more remarkable than the city itself, are the surrounding areas. 650 glaciers, 250 lakes, 40 rivers and 26 over 6,000 m high mountains make the region a paradise for hikers, climbers and nature lovers.

The Cordilleras Blancas are part of the nature reserve Huascaran and considered as the highest mountain chain in America. Here is also where the highest mountain in Peru, the Nevado de Huascaran (6768m), is located.

Beside numerous hikes in the mountain chain, a visit to the colorful lagoons, the carbonated springs and the monument Chavin de Huantar is recommended. You can reach Huaraz from Lima or North Peru by bus.

Elevation: 3052m (10.000 ft)
Population: 118.836 inhabitants
Climate: Wet in summer; dry in winter
Best Time to Visit: April– October

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