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You Buy, we plant – Sustainable travels

You Buy, We Plant

Sustainable travels


Hello, Dear reader!. In our first article on our new blog we presented our online experiences and now we want to introduce you to a project that is particularly close to our hearts and is related to sustainable travels.

We are all aware that tourism also leaves traces in nature and it is slowly becoming apparent in Peru how the nature of the country is endangered by ruthless tourism.

In our team we love to travel through the diverse nature of Peru and that is why we have set ourselves the goal of reducing the bad influence of tourism as much as possible.

And how can Peruvian Sunrise help?

We are always looking very carefully for projects and partners that we support, since we highly value their transparency and honesty.

For this reason, we choose sustainable tour operators for our services and amongst those the You Buy, We Plant program by Pachamama Raymi is our driving force, which we support 100% not only due to its positive ecological but also the socio-economic influence.


About the Reforestation Project

Pachamama Raymi is a non-profit organization that was founded in 2008. Since then you have started over 20 projects in 3 different countries (Tanzania, Nepal and Peru) and support 16,000 families with over 12 million trees already planted.

The work they do is very transparent and even after a project is completed, you always stay up to date and visit people they supported from the past to make sure whether and to what extent the situation has improved for the villagers.


The planting of the areas creates new opportunities for the residents and the organization holds numerous contests in which the families can win prices with which they can maintain their houses and grow their own goods such as vegetables, fruits and grass.

As a result of cultivation, the residents no longer necessarily have to drive the long way into town to go shopping and, on the other hand, animals such as alpacas, sheep, cows or guinea pigs can be bred. These in turn can be sold and which provides additional long-term income for the residents.

So it has e.g. this family managed and can now even plan to open their own guinea pig restaurant.

Cuchicari Condori Family:

Our and your contribution to the project

All of these are reasons why we joined the You Buy, We Plant project in September 2019 and convinced us to support it in the long term.

Since the start of our cooperation we have been donating 5 US dollars for each of our travelers, which corresponds to five newly planted trees per traveler.


Despite the Corona crisis, thanks to the support of our travelers, we have already been able to plant 800 trees that help families from the Sacred Valley to lift people out of extreme poverty.

Through the cooperation with us and other companies Pachamama Raymi can guarantee the planting and care of the trees by the participating families who will own the trees.

sustainable travel- peruvian sunrise sustainable travel- peruvian sunrise sustainable travel- peruvian sunrise


Thank you very much for reading!

We are sure this information will be very useful for your trip. If you have any doubts, questions or need more information to make up your mind about visiting our country, contact us!


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