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Covid – 19 Protocol

Covid-19 Update:


Domestic flights

-Passengers of national air transportation service over 12 years of age may only board if they can prove they have received their full vaccination (3) dose in Peru or abroad.

-People 18 years of age and older must prove they have received their booster (3) dose.

-In case they have not completed their vaccination schedule, they must present a negative molecular test with a result date no more than 48 hours before boarding.

International flights

If you are Peruvian, resident foreigner, or non-resident foreigner 12 years of age or older, regardless of the country you come from, you must prove you have 2 doses of your COVID-19 vaccine. If you are over 18 years old, you must have the 3 doses. In case of children under 12 years of age, they only need to be asymptomatic to board.
However, if you do not have these vaccines, you must present a negative molecular test with a result date no more than 48 hours before boarding at your place of origin.

The use of double mask is mandatory.

You must complete the health affidavit and geolocation authorization, choosing the type of trip within 72 hours prior to travel, and submit it virtually. If you are a minor or dependent person, this registration must be completed by your legal representative or person in charge.

*For more info, contact us

Covid-19 Biosafety Measures:

-Respect the physical distance, not less than 1 meter, between people.
-Wash your hands frequently.
-The use of face masks in open spaces will not be mandatory starting May 1st.
-Avoid crowds.

Covid Protocols in the Company:

To protect the health of our employees, suppliers and customers, we have applied some actions to minimize the risk of COVID-19 infection.

-Our employees have received training on health safety measures and COVID prevention.

-Our office staff has already been fully vaccinated.

-To protect the health of our collaborators, as well as our clients, we work with vaccinated guides and drivers.

-The staff that is in contact with our clients, in addition to being vaccinated, must fill out a health affidavit before the tour begins.

-Transportation: They are disinfected before the service.

-Our collaborators comply with COVID protocols, use of masks, washing, hand disinfection and social distancing.

-We work with suppliers that comply with biosecurity protocols and are constantly monitored.

-Drivers, guides and clients must wear face masks, as mandated by the Peruvian Ministry of Health.

*These measures and restrictions may change over time, we will keep you updated.

If you need help or you want more information for your trip to Peru, don’t hesitate to contact us!


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