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Online Peru Travel Experiences

Online Peru Travel Experiences

A new way to travel to Peru

Hello, Dear reader! The Coronavirus pandemic has changed all of our lives, and not just in the short-term. Few industries have been hit like tourism and nobody knows yet when safe travelling will be possible again. For us, the beginning of the pandemic was also the starting signal to reflect and analyze our performance. Fortunately, online travel experiences appeard!

Our ultimate goal is and always has been to offer our guests an unforgettable, but most importantly, a safe and comfortable experience. This is why in we exchanged in various meetings our ideas for adapting to the situation in the best possible manner.

One of these ideas we just brought to life and we are proud of our Online-Experiences. With online experiences we have entered a completely new territory and in fact, a couple of months ago we didn´t even know that online experiences even exist. The happier we are now that the time invested will pay off, since the feedback from our first participants has been consistently positive.

We are sure that many of you don’t know much about this new kind of tours, so we gladly explain you in the following what you can expect of these new online experiences.


Comments from our first participants

“I liked that it was interactive. We didn’t just watch a video, the guide included all the Zoom participants in conversation.”

“Beautiful Videos with Focus on Details. Guide gave very Good explanations and insight in Peruvian Culture”

“The presenter was great! She was so enthusiastic about showing us her city. I loved seeing the ancient walls with the stone blocks.”

What is an Online Experience?

In times of Coronavirus, online experiences allow everyone around the world to explore Peru and other exciting places in the safest possible way, from home. During the tours, our professional guides share their knowledge with guests from all over the world.

This knowledge is transmitted to our participants via the video communications platform “Zoom”, so participants and guides can directly exchange information. The experience is accompanied by beautiful videos and photos, bringing part of the Peruvian culture straight to your home.

When we are talking about “everyone”, it can be really everyone. We have already had guests from the USA, Canada, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Japan. Whether people with children, animals, wheelchair users, fear of flying, health problems, everyone can visit us in Peru for a short while.

The best thing about this experience is that as soon as the virus is under control, people with travel restrictions will still be able to “travel” to us in the future. So we have created an exciting way for people to explore our culture and travel virtually to Peru.

Why choosing an Online Experience?

Apart from those, there are a many more advantages why to participate this type of experience at least once:

  • Tours take no longer than a movie
  • Costs are no more than a ticket to the cinema
  • No health risks since you join from your own home
  • Apart from the Internet, the free “Zoom” program and a device, there are no other requirements
  • No need of any prior knowledge
  • Tours can be experienced with friends and relatives that you to not see very often
  • Take the chance to talk with and learn from a real professional tour guide
  • Learn about new cultures
  • Meet people from all over the world


Which Online-Experiences do already exist?

At the moment we run one tour that we offer on different days during the week. Our first Online Experience is a virtual tour of Cusco with our excellent tour guide Alexandra. Alexandra is already known to many of our travelers because she has extraordinary knowledge, is always in a good mood and knows how to cater to the needs of our guests like no other. Among many special comments, her ability to deal with people stands out again and again.

Therefore, not only because of the content but also Alexandra’s performance, her tour is a great experience of everyone.


Will there be more online experiences in the future and what is coming next?

There are more online experiences to be expected in the upcoming months and we will create them depending on the feedback of our travelers. In the meantime, we have also revised our website and have prepared ourselves for future journeys on site in Peru.

With our new luxury and relaxation section, we offer our travelers an even more comfortable service with many additional services. We have worked on new concepts, tours and surprises that our guests receive on site.

Another new service for our travelers is the blog, which we have started with this article and new posts will follow.

In the coming week we will present our beautiful sustainability project “You buy, we plant”. So stay curious, we are prepared for the future and look forward to everything that comes.

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