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Community Based Tourism at Huilloc Village

Experience Community Based Tourism at Huilloc Village

Huilloc – A social Experience and Example for the future of Travelling in Peru

The important role of social tourism in Peru and for its people

In the future, trip planning will be even more detailed and deliberate than ever. Large tourist locations are likely to be avoided and off the beaten path routes will be of more interest.

For us, a great occasion to present you one of our travelers´ favorite social tours – the visit of the Huilloc village in the Sacred Valley of the Incas.

This amazing tour is a big part of our philosophy, which is not only to offer our travelers a personal experience, but also to build a connection between travelers and locals. Many are not aware of how important tourism is to the people in developing countries and how much travelers can contribute by visiting them.

This also applies to Peru, and it has never been clearer than now during this difficult time. The Huilloc village is a wonderful example of travelling and giving back at a time.

“We also spent a day with a Quecha family in their village of Huilloc. It was a wonderful and moving experience to participate in their traditions. And they were so welcoming and gracious. Highly recommended!”

How can I visit the village of Huilloc?

To get to the Huilloc community as a traveler you first have to find your way to Cusco, better known as the capital of the Inca Empire and for many as the most beautiful city in Peru. From Cusco the journey leads you through the Sacred Valley of the Incas to the cozy ancient Inca town of Ollantaytambo, especially known for its train station that leads on to Machu Picchu. From here there is an off the beaten path road to the north and after about 40 minutes by car you reach Huilloc, a small village located on the northern tip of the Qosqoccahuarina National Reserve.

How do I spend a visit with the village of Huilloc?

Upon arrival, the cheerful and colorfully dressed residents await and welcome travelers. They make visitors immediately feel at home, by putting traditional clothing on each guest before the exciting activities begin.

You immediately notice that people still value the fundamental things of living.

Happy and smiling people will introduce you to the community talking in “Quechua” one of 47 native languages of Peru. Our translator will help you with the conversation along the visit and presents you the family members that will be your hosts.

In this peaceful place, life is still slower and Andean traditions are still maintained such as clothing, working tools, as well as activities that were carried out for many generations.Depending on each preference, visitors can experience agricultural work, spiritual ceremonies, herbalism, weaving, Andean ideology, hiking, reforestation or the maintenance and restoration of the communal areas (school, health station, communal hall, community gardens).

Besides the different activities, it is the atmosphere that makes this place so special and interesting.

You will see many typical objects and behaviors, hear local music, eat traditional food, see typical dances and observe a completely different way of living. Every experience is special in itself and in the end, it is not the activities but the warmth of the people that each visitor will remember.

Whether solo travelers, couples, families or groups of friends, the open and honest nature of the people prepares every guest an unforgettable experience.

How much time do I need to plan for visiting the village of Huilloc?

Since the community is located in the countryside, but not far from the town of Ollantaytambo, you can visit the residents either for half a day or for several days. Individual activities usually last 3-4 hours, so with a strict schedule the visit can be combined with a subsequent train ride to Machu Picchu.

On the other hand, you can enjoy the experience over a couple of days, as the municipality offers simple but cozy accommodation for overnight stays.

In this case, several exciting activities are waiting for you and one can fully enjoy traditional life including the experience of living in real Andean family houses.

How do I help with a visit of the village of Huilloc?

You can feel how happy the inhabitants of Huilloc are that are able to have the opportunity to share their knowledge with others. They always seem happy and transfer this joy of life to their visitors.

Conversely, travelers can do their part to ensure that residents can look to the future without worries, as the visit supports the children’s education and improve the health care system of the small village.

We and our travelers are happy to be part of this connection and we hope to continue to give many people the opportunity to continue writing this special story with us.


If you need more information about this experience, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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